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Solana + Gamification + Bitcoin Ordinals + BRC-20 + AR NFTs

The World's First BTC Ordinal Inscription on Solana - Pioneering Gaming on Solana

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Solordi #Bullish

Everyone knows that today's meme token requires more than just "hype," but just a few months ago the crypto community was still discovering this fact. However, the Solordi community launched a bullish and unprecedented ecosystem well aware:


Augmented Reality (AR) Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

NFTs are unique digital assets recorded on a blockchain that can be transferred from one owner to another (similar to baseball cards). Traditionally, NFTs are traded as digital forms of art captured on a common medium (i.e., the internet).


For the first time, ever, Solordi has published AR NFTs. AR NFTs allow users to interact with digital art stored on the blockchain any where in the world. Just scan, download, and take part in a once-in-a-lifetime experience! 


BRC-20 Token ($OLOS)

The Solordi team launched its BRC-20 equivalent, $OLOS, during mid-January, 2024. Solordi is the first token on the Solana blockchain to mememify Bitcoin Ordinal Inscriptions on Solana, while hosting a BRC-20 equivalent. 

AR/3D Character Gamification

The Solordi Team is hard at work to partner with prominent gaming companies/organizations, including Epic Games to use Solordi in wildly popular games. 

More to come!


Solordi Merchandise

Solordi is proud to partner with its community on creating quality merchandise in support of the bullish sentiment issued buy this token. Click on the link to be re-directed to a third-party site to explore your future wardrobe

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View Ordinal Inscription


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The Solana Bitcoin Inscription and $OLOS BRC-20 Token

Similar to NFTs, Ordinal Inscriptions are digital assets inscribed on a satoshi, the lowest denomination of a Bitcoin. However, Ordinal Inscriptions are immutable and can not be modified through a smart contract.

Solordi is the first meme coin on Solana with an original Bitcoin inscription. Our Bitcoin inscription is locked in a vault on Arweave for 200 years, and so is the art to our AR NFTs.

In addition to purchasing $SOLO on Solana, Solordi can also be purchased as a BRC-20 token under the ticker $OLOS.

Ethereum was cool, Solana is better.

Solordi is incredibly disruptive. We are building an ecosystem of decentralized products and services to bridge the power of Solana with real-world experiences.

The People's Solana Token


Token Symbol


Total Supply



0% Fee


75% of Tokens in Circulation

18% to the team, tens of millions of tokens set aside for Public Airdrop.

Fair Launched




on Solana



on Solana

  1. Connect Solana Wallet

  2. Add the Solana $Solo contract

  3. Finalize Swap

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